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    November 07, 2007




    Jason Brown does exist and is a vital entity of Optinlists. We as a company are into providing internet marketing solutions to various companies across the globe. But from your statements I can understand that you have very limited knowledge about spam and issues relating to the same. Individuals like you invent phony stories like the one you have posted on your blog.

    Have a visit to our website and read the testimonials posted by our clients. You ought to feel peevish Mr. Whoever you are when you will be receiving a legal notice from our team for spreading misinformation about a legitimate firm.

    And yes this team of jokers rightly termed want to chat with a bunch of dunces like you who have learned to browse and marvel the net a few years back.

    So why dont you goahead and publish the reply i have sent on all the other sites you are familiar with, so that people reading this can have a rib-tickling session during the weekend with a mug of beer.

    Social misfits like you would score 10 points less than a jelly fish for an IQ test. I always wanted disprove Darwin to show him that there are many specimens still evolving to become homosapies. Cleansing the world from weeds like you would win me the nobel peace prize. My mom is proud of my social activities.


    Hi Marshall,

    This is Jason replying to that interesting piece of information you have written about me. You must be a guy with 207 bones, the additional one being the funny bone. You have a weird sick sense of humor that makes people tripping on coke to get back to their senses in a jiffy. You should create a separate blog for your sick jokes :)

    And you call me a spammer, what are you? Spam will exist with spammers like you who have the audacity to create blogs and fill it with junk. I really pity your employer who has hired work shirkers like you who are jobless and spend their valuable working hours in posting nonsensical messages like these on their blogs.

    By not been able to differentiate between crap and a valid marketing message plagues like you are unfit to survive in our society.

    So guys who have read my reply including you Marshall would have had a hearty laugh. You can now get back to reading Chris Gardner's book.


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