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    February 23, 2008


    Geoffrey James, Sales Machine

    Both SFA and CRM are umbrella acronyms. CRM was a bigger umbrella that "covered" the SFA acronym. It's likely that any replacement acronym (like "Sales 2.0") will be a bigger umbrella than CRM and will "cover" it.

    The actual meaning of "umbrella" acronyms is always open to interpretation. When an acronym is "hot," companies will flock to it and try to get whatever they're offering included under the umbrella.

    Conversely, when an acronym is in decline or getting a bad rap, companies do the opposite. That's what's happening with CRM. In the past month I have had two top software executives from two different companies selling software to sales groups say "Don't even *mention* CRM when you write about our product."

    christopher carfi

    hey there! thanks for the shout out. i'm around all week.

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